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Vol. 31  No.1   2008



Effect of Layer Sequence on Formation of CdTe Thin Film Prepared by Stacked Elemental Layers

S. H. Moustafa



Influence of Film Thickness on the Optical Properties of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films

 Assem Bakry



Optimization of ZnS/Ag/ZnS Multilayer Thin Film Systems for Heat Mirror Applications

 A. T. Matar



Optical and Photoelectric Properties of TlInS2 Layered Single Crystals

M. M. El-Nahass1 and M. M. Sallam



Behaviour of Switching Phenomena in Single Crystals of TlInTe2 Compound

H. A. Elshaikh 




X-ray Diffraction Study on Structural Characteristics of Pure and Doped Perovskite BaTiO3

F. F. Hammad, A. K. Mohamed and A. M. El-Shabiny



Structural Investigation of Amorphous xLi2O. xWO3. (1-2x)B2O3 Correlated with its Physical Properties

  Ali Abou Shama





Thermal and Spectroscopic Studies of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Blends.

A. M. Shehap


Study of Thermal Effects Induced by a Laser Radiation Incident in an Amplifier: (II) Nonlinear Case.

 M. M. El-Nicklawy, A. F. Hasssan, S. El-Din Salman,  S. L. Diab and A. M Abd-Rabou



Dielectric Properties, Debye's Relaxation Time and Activation Energy of [(Pb1-x Srx) 1-1.5zLaz] TiO3 Ceramics

M. K. Gergs, G. A. Gamal, M. A. Massaud



Effect of Variable Viscosity on Hydro Magnetic Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Stretching Surface Sith Variable Temperature    

M. Y. Akl



Studies of Magnetic Structure of Cobalt-ferrite Nano-particles

T. M.  Meaz, M. A. Amer and M. K. El-Nimr






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