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Vol. 25  No.1   2002


Transport Properties of Quantum Interference Devices the Role of the Andreev Bound States
Attia A. Awad Alla, A.M. Hegazy, Adel H. Phillips and Raafat K. Wassef




Anomalous Photoconductive Transport Properties of As2Se3 Films
N. A. Bakr



Effect of Ag Content on the Optical Properties of a- Ge15 Se85-x Agx Alloys
A.M. Farid




Optical Absorption and Structural Properties of as-deposited and Thermally Annealed As-Te-Ga Thin Films
M. Dongol




A.C. Conductivity and Dielectric Behaviour of Chalcogenide GexFexSe100-2x Thin Films
M.I. Mohammed, A.S. Abd-rabo and E.A .Mahmoud




Creep and Structure Parameters Near the Transformation Temperature of Sn-1 wt% Pb Alloy
G.S. Al-Ganainy, M.R. Nagy, B.A. Khalifa, and R. Afify




Magnetostriction Properties of Fe40Ni38B18Mo4 Amorphous Alloy
M.M. Radwan



An Aspect of the Fe Distribution of YBa2Cu3-xFexOy: Electrical and Mössbauer Studies
M.M. El-Kholy, L.M. Sharaf El-Deen and M.A. El-Shahawy




Static Deformation of Low Structure HAF Black-Loaded (SBR+NR) Rubber Blend
A.M.Y. El-Lawindy




Some Physical Properties of Vinylpyridine Carbon-Black Composites
L. I. Soliman and W. M. Sayed



Electrochemical Properties of Gold Incorporated Inside FSM-16 and Y Zeolites
Ibrahim Mekkawy and Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed




Field Dependence of Electrical Conductivity of Powder Compacts of     (KNO3)1-xCux  Mixtures
N.M. Megahid




Electrical Properties and Infrared Studies of Heated Mica Sheets
M. Dawy



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