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Vol. 28  No.2   2005


On Fourier Componentsin Modulation Spectroscopy
S. K. Abdelraheem


On Evaporation of a Thin-Film Coated on a Substrate
S.E.-S. Abd El-Ghany and A.F.Hassan



Two-Phase System Approach as StanderlessProcedure for Crystallinity Determination Using Rietveld Method
A. A. Ramadan, M. R. Ebeid, S. K. Abdelraheem and E. M. Abdel-Minem




Electrical Transport Properties of Thermally Evaporated Phthalocyanine (H2Pc) Thin Films
M.M. El-Nahass, A.M. Farid, A.A. Attia, and H.A.M. Ali




Thickness and Deposition Rate-Dependence of Structural Characteristics  of  Evaporated CdTe Films
M. R. Ebeid, M. F. Ahmed, A. A. Ramadan and K. Abdel-Hady




Realization and Characterization of ZnO/n-Si Solar Cells by Spray Pyrolysis
H. H. Afify, S. H. EL-Hefnawi, A. Y. Eliwa, M. M.Abdel-Naby and N. M. Ahmed




Composition Dependence of Optical Constants of Ge1-xSe2Pbx Thin Films
L.A. Wahab and H.H. Amer





Frequency and Composition Dependence on the Dielectric Properties for Mg-Zn Ferrite
S. F. Mansour




Mössbauer, infrared and X-ray Studies of Ni0.5Zn0.5CrxFe2-xO4 ferrites
M. A. Amer, T. M. Meaz, S. Ata-Allah, S. Aboul-Enein, and M. O. Abd-El-Hamid



Piezoceramic Materials for Ultrasonic Probes
A. M. Abdel Fattah, M .G. S .Ali, N. Z. ELsyed, and Gharieb. A. Ali



Phase Stability in Mechanically Alloyed Mn-30at.%Al
S.Ibrahim, A.M.Shamah, Y.M.Abbas, F.F.Hanna, L.K. Marei, and A.Hannora



Embrittlement Prediction of Aged Austenitic Stainless Steel Welded Components Using Hardness Measurements
M. Shafy




Structural Investigation of Amorphous Lithium Tungstate Borate Using X-ray Diffraction
A. Abou Shama




Spectroscopic Determination of Excitation Temperature and Electron Density in Premixed Laminar Flame
S.S. Hamed




Effect of Chitosan and its Derivatives on the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Paper Sheets

A.M.A. Nada, Mohamed El-Sakhawy, Samir Kamel, M.A.M. Eid and Abeer M. Adel




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