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Vol. 30  No.1   2007


Composition Dependence of the Grain size, Activation Energy and Coordination Number in Ge40-xInxSe60 (10 x 40 at.%) Thin Films
El -Sayed M. Farag and M. M. Sallam.



Microwave Measurements of Dielectric Properties of Zinc Oxide at High Temperature
Thoria A. Baeraky,




Structural and Conduction Mechanisms Studies in Strontium Lanthanum Titanate Perovskite
SLT Ceramic

H.M.El-Mallah and M.S.Aziz.




Transport Properties of Ga0.45In0.55Sb. M. M. Abd El-Raheem, M. M. Ibrahiem,
M. M. Ahmed and M. R. Ahmed




Influence of Some Preparation Conditions on Debye's Relaxation Time and Related Properties of (Pb, La)TiO3 Ceramics
M. K. Gergs




Chemical Decomposition of Iron in Spanish Coal Pyrolysis Identified by Mossbauer Spectroscopy at Different Temperatures
M. A. Ahmed, M. J. Blesa and R. Moliner.




Dependence of Displacement Measurements on Surface Roughness

M. M. EL-Nicklawy, A. F. Hassan, E. Abd Elrhman, Nasser A. Moustafa and A. Khalil





Optically Illuminated 4H-SiC Terahertz IMPATT Device
M. Mukherjee and N. Mazumder




Influence of Structure on Curie Weiss Constant of [(Pb1-x Srx)1-1.5zLaz]TiO3 Ceramics
G. A. Gamal, M. K. Gergs and M. A. Massaud




Raman Spectroscopic Studies of ZnSe/GaAs Interfaces
T. A. El-Brolossy



Using Capacitance Measurements to Study Polarization in Mercuric Iodide Radiation Detectors
M. A. Hassan




Study of Some Basic Transport Coefficients in Noble-Gas Discharge Plasmas

M. H. Elghazaly, S. Solyman  and A. M. Abdel baky





Preparation and Structural Characterization of Eu0.65Sr0.35Mn1-xFexO3

I. S. Ahmed Farag, A. M. Mostafa and I. A. Abdel-Latif


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