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The Egyptian Materials Research Society (Eg-MRS) was founded by Prof. Dr. R. Kamel Wassef in 1978 as The Egyptian Society of Solid State Science and Applications (ESSA) and renamed in 2003 to reflect the interdisciplinary approach and the wider scope of its subject area within the materials science community. Eg-MRS is a scientific nonprofit scientific organization which brings together scientists to share findings in the research and development of new materials of scientific and technological importance. The Society encourages and promotes communication and technical information exchange through publication of Scientific Journal and organizing of Conferences and Workshops on national and international contribution. Eg-MRS works closely with other organizations concerned with materials sciences in Egypt and around the world.


Elected Administration Commission:

Prof. Dr.  Kamal Abd El-Hady

  (Mania University)


Prof. Dr. Fkhry Abd El-Salam

(Ain Shams University)  

Prof. Dr.  Hassan Afify

(National Research Center)  

Prof. Dr.  Mohamed El-Okr

(Al-Azahr University)  

Prof. Dr.  M. Hassan Talaat

 (Ain Shams University)  

Prof. Dr.  Sherif A. Khairy

(Cairo University)  

Prof. Dr.  Ahmed A. Ramadan

 (Helwan University)  

Prof. Dr.  Fayez Shahen

(Cairo University)  

Prof. Dr.  Hesham M. Talaat

(Al-Azahr University)   











Scientific Publication:


The official publication of the Egyptian Materials Research Society is the Egyptian Journal of Solids (Egypt. J. Sol.). The journal accepts original research articles for publication in the field of solid state physics and materials science from researches and scientists of all nationalities. In addition to regular papers, the journal will publish review articles that can either be submitted or solicited by the editorial board. Two issues are published per year. The journal articles are also available on-line via the website of Eg-MRS.


The aim of the conferences is to provide a forum for
exchange of knowledge in a high interdisciplinary field and to bring together national and international scientists working in academic and applied research in the field of solid state physics and materials science for constructive interactions. A parallel workshop in selected specific topics is organized parallel to the scientific activities of the conference.

The topics to be covered in the conferences are:

  • Semiconductor physics and devices.

  • Metal physics.

  • Superconductivity.

  • Law-temperature physics.

  • Thin films and surface physics.

  • Photonic and Optoelectronic Materials and devices.

  • Magnetism and Magneto-optics.

  • Crystallography and Amorphography.

  • Polymer physics.

  • Optical Properties and Spectroscopy.

  • Solar Energy materials and devices.

  • Surface physics.


The First conference was held 1978 in Cairo. Since then, the more recent conferences and workshops were held atdifferent sites in Egypt covering almost the whole country


The VIII Conference: 24-27 February 1985, Minia, Egypt.

Egypt Workshop on Photovoltaic Conversions: 16-20 November 1986, Middle-East Research Center, Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

The fundamental and advanced topics related to the Physics of Photovoltaic Conversion are of scientific and technological importance for developing countries looking forward for using nonconventional energy sources, The workshop took place in the frame of scientific cooperation between the International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP, Italy) and developing nations.

The IX Conference: March 1986, Ismailia, Egypt.

The X Conference: March 1987, Alexandria, Egypt.

The XI Conference: March 1988, Mansoura, Egypt.

The XII Conference:2-9 June1989, St. Katherine–Sinai,Egypt.

The XIII Conference:20-26 January 1990, Sohag–Qena, Egypt.


The XIV Conference:19-25 January 1991, Aswan, Egypt.

Workshop on High Temperature Superconductivity:
The program included lectures to provide useful background on theory, technology and applications of high temperature

The XV Conference: 18-22 January 1992, Fayoum & Shebin Al-Kome, Egypt.
Egyptian German Workshop on H. T. Superconductivity:
The topics covered physics, chemistry, theory, engineering and applications of this new materials.

The XVI Conference: 9-14 January 1993, Minia, Egypt.
Workshop on Computer Interfaces in Solid State Research:
The workshop was organized to cover the soft- and hard-ware methodology, data control and acquisition as well as data processing and analysis of available packages. Advanced lectures and lab experiments were presented.

Seminar on Physics Education:
It was conducted by leaders of education in El-Minia
Governorate and University Professors to discuss the promotion of teaching physics in pre-university education.


The XVII Conference: 15-20 March 1994, Cairo, Egypt. In cooperation with the First International Spring School & Symposium on Advances in Materials Science, Atomic Energy Authority.

The XVIII Conference: 22-26 January 1995, Suez – Red Sea, Egypt.
Workshop on Spectrally Selective Thin Films For Solar Applications:
It included studies on tailoring of the static and the dynamic optical properties of thin film coatings and their applications.

The XIX Conference: 13-17 March 1996, Ismailia, Egypt.
Workshop on Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids:

From the point of view of the fundamental physics, noncrystalline materials exhibit many properties which are not shared by crystalline ones. There has been an increasing interest in noncrystalline materials as new materials of considerable technologicalapplications are produced in an amorphous form.


The XX Conference: 5-9 November 1997, Luxor, Egypt.
Workshop on New Materials:

The workshop covered the science and art of some astonishing new materials, such as: superconductors, fiber glass, bioceramics, materials for solar selective coatings, new polymers, quasi- and nano-crystals, Fullerenes and carbon based materials, composites, materials for storage systems and sensors, intelligent materials, ..... and many others.

The XXI Conference: 23-26 February 1999, Mansoura, Egypt.

Workshop on Silicon Technology in Optoelectronics:
The need for efficient Si-based optical functions (visible and infrared light sources, waveguides, modulators, amplifiers and detectors) to be integrated with Si-electronic functions had driven intense research on the physical properties and performance of various Si-based materials (nanocrystals, porous Si and doped Si, for example) and a large variety of device structure.

The XXII Conference: 18-23 March 2001, Hurghada – Red sea, Egypt.

Workshop on Advanced Materials:
The potential, capabilities and limitations of modern technology are defined through the basic properties of newly developed materials. The objective of this workshop is to present a medium for interaction between solid state and materials scientists, to promote collaborative efforts and enhance their role in improving: energy efficiency and environment. In addition, because of the rapidlygrowing interdependence of materials and technology, the workshop has thought the participation of international figures in the area of developing new materials as well as materials scientists and engineering.

The XXIII Conference: 28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2002, Sharm El-Shikh – Sinai, Egypt.
Workshop on Physics and Application Potential of
Functional Ceramic Thin Films:
With the discovery of superconductivity at temperatures well above 20K, the materials physics community was facing the challenge to fabricate thin films of complex oxides. The prototype materials are the high temperature superconductors, the colossal magnetoresistance, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials materials as representatives.



The XXIV Conference: 22-26 February 2004, Safaga – Red Sea, Egypt.
Workshop on Photonic Materials and Optoelectronic
The purpose of this workshop is to appreciate and raise the awareness of Photonics and Optoelectronics that have become dominant research fields and have impact on basic as well as
commercial areas.



The XXV Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science, 6 -10 March 2005, Luxor, Upper Egypt


Workshop on Photonic Materials and Optoelectronic Devices (II):

The purpose of this workshop is to appreciate and raise the awareness of Photonics and Optoelectronics that have become dominant research fields and have impact on basic as well as
commercial areas.


The XXVI Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science & Workshop on Nanostructures: Science, Fabrication, Characterization and Devices  (Eg-MRS 2006)
10 -14 September 2006 Alexandria, Egypt



One-Day Seminars:

Erroneous Practice in Materials Research:
Monday, 16th December 2002, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Beni-Suef Branch, Egypt.

₪ Photonic Materials and Optoelectronic Devices (as a prelude to XXIV Conference):
Wednesday, 15th October 2003, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.


Nanostructure: Science and Technology  

Tuesday, 2nd May 2006

In Cooperation with Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta


Nanostructure Science In Solids and Biological Systems

Thursday, 27th December 2007

In Cooperation with Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST)


Physical Basics and Status of Photovoltaics:
By Prof. Dr. Juergen H. Werner,
Inst. Physical Electronics, Stuttgart Univ., Germany.
18-19 February 2003, Faculity of Science, Al-Azhar
University, Cairo, Egypt.


  • 500 members from the Egyptian Universities and Research Institutes and Centers.

  • Include Professors, Asst. Professors, Lecturers,  Researchers and Demonstrators


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