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Egyptian Journal of Solids 

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One Day Seminar

  • Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (Benisuef University, Dec. 8, 2010).

Invitation for Regular Public Assembly for 2010


The XXVIII Conference:                                              


on Solid State Physics and Materials Science

& Workshop on Functional Nanostructure and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials.

22-25 March 2010 Fayom, Egypt.

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on Chemical Vapor Deposition

Sponsored by

The Electrochemical Society & EUROCVD

216th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society

Vienna (Austria), 4-9 October 2009



The 6th Workshop

on Laser Technology & Applications
(Nanostructures and Nanotechnology)
Thursday, December 31th 2009
Faculty of engineering, Shoubra , Benha University Joint with The Egyptian Society of Material Science




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