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Vol. 23  No.1   2000


Verification of Crystallite Theory of Glass Modeling Using Rietveld Method
M. R. Ebeid, S. K. Abdelraheem, E. M. Abdel-Minem K. Abdel-Hady and A. A. Ramadan




Optical Constants and the Mechanism of the Propagation of the Surface Waves for Silver Films-in View of the Free Electron Model-Using ATR
A.M. Gadou and M.A. El-Sherbiny




Temperature Dependence of the Transport Properties in ZnS
F. M. Abou El-Ela



Accurate Site Occupancies for the O-atoms Diffused into the Annealed ZnSe Lattice
Z.K. Heiba and Karimat El-Sayed




Structural Properties of GexSe1-x Thin Films Prepared by Semi-closed Space Technique
N.A. Bakr, M.S. Aziz and M. Hammam




Flash Evaporation as an Attempt for Preparation of YBCO Superconductor Thin Films
A. A. Ramadan, S. Abdel-Hady, S. Abdel-Ghany and S. E. Soltan




Thermal Stability Study of S-Se Amorphous Compounds
L.A. Wahab, M.B. El-Den and M.S. Youssef



Analysis of the Maximum and the Minimum of the Spectral Transmittance According to the Coherence Condition for Weakly Absorbing Thin Films
M.M.El-Ganainy, Nemat Abd El-Monem, M. Abd El-Hamid and S. M. El- Kareem




Sintering Time Effect on the Electrical Properties of Barium Titanium Ferrite
A.M. El-Rifae




Study of Thermal Treatment and Kinetic Parameters of Prepared Li2B4O7:Cu Thermoluminescence Dosimeter
N. A. El-Faramawy, S. U. El-Kameesy, A. I. Abd El-Hafez, M. A. Hussein, and G.E. Metwally 




Transient Creep Characteristics in Pb-Sn-Zn Ternary Alloys
A. A . El-Daly, A. M. Abdel-Daiem, and M. Yousef



Transient and steady state creep of Pb–20wt % Bi during phase Transformation
M.A.Kenawy, E.M.Sakr, and N.Okasha




Dielectric Behaviour of MgZn W-type Hexaferrite
D.El Kony, S.A. Saafan, and A.M. Abo El Ata.



Determination of Aluminum in Copper-Aluminum Alloy Using Gamma-Ray Spectrometry
A.H. El-Kateb, R. A. M .Rizk and A. M. Abdul-Kader




Room Temperature Plasma Nitriding Using an Orbitron Ion Source
H.M.Zeyada, M.S.Aziz and M.A.EL-Zomor



Effect of Carbon Fiber of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Conductive Butyl-Rubber Composite
F.S. Deghaidy




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