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Vol. 24  No.1   2001


Exciton Absorption Spectra in Finite Parabolic Quantum Well
N. A. El-Meshad, H. M. Hassanain, and H. H. Hassan



Optical Properties of Copper Phthalocyanine(CuPc)Thin Films
M. M. El-Nahass, F.S. Bahabri, and S.R.Al-Harbi



Study of Electric Resistance and Magnetoresistance for Agx(Tl0.8Pb0.1Bi0.1)Ba2Ca2Cu3O9-δ Superconductors
R. Awad




Structural Study of [Nd0.5 (Ca0.25Ba0.25) MnO3] and [Nd0.5(Ca0.25Sr0.25)MnO3] Perovskites at Room Temperature
F. F. Hanna




Study on the Effect of Atmosphere on A-type Zeolite Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Technique
Hamdy F. M. Mohamed




Structural and Optical Studies of Nano-structure Monolithic Silica-Gel Derived Glasses Containing Nd3+
I. K. Battisha




Effect of Antimony Addition on Characteristics of Melt Spun Pb - Sn Alloy
F. Abd El-Salam, M.T. Mostafa, R.H. Nada, and A.M. Abd El-Khalek




Creep Characteristics of Ag-4 wt% Cu Alloy at High Stresses
A. Fawzy, M.T. Mostafa, and F. Abd El-Salam



Effects of γ-irradiation on the Mechanical and Relaxation Behaviour of High and Low Density Polyethylene
S.A. Mansour




Physical Studies of Foamed Rubber Composites (I)-The Mechanical Properties of foamed EPDM Rubber
A.M.Y El. Lawindy, K.M. Abd El Kader, W.E. Mahmoud, and H.H.Hassan  




Effect of Composition and Annealing on Some of the Optical Parameters of GexTe100-x Thin Films
Mahmoud Dongol




Thermal Behaviour and Non Isothermal Kinetics of Se60S40-x Tex
F. Metawe



Empirical Relationship for Ultraviolet Solar Radiation Over Egypt
A.A. Trabea and A.I. Salem



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