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Vol. 26  No.2   2003


Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity and Thermoelectric Power of Rare Earth Substituted Cu–Cd ferrite
A. A. Sattar




Electron Correlation Effects in Double Photoionization of Earth Alkaline Atoms
Hany Hamdy




Manganese Substitution Effect on the Perovskite-type Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 Structure
S. Ibrahim, F. F. Hanna and L. K. Marei




Effect of the Metal Oxides Additives on the Electrical Properties of β-Eucryptite Ceramics
H.S. Ragab, A. Shehab, G. Attia and F.H. Abd El- Kader




Application of the Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy to the Study of Microstructural Defects in Steel
E. E. Abdel-Hady




Influence of Cu Addition on the Structure and Dielectric Properties of CaTiO3
M. Sh. Khalil and F. F. Hammad




Statistical Properties of the Excited Binomial States
M. Darwish



X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer Spectroscopic Study of BaCo0.5xZn0.5xTix Fe12-2xO19 (M-type hexagonal ferrite)
T. M. Meaz and C. Bender Koch




Influence of the Spectral Gain Suppression on the Intensities of Longitudinal Modes in 1.55 μm InGaAsP Lasers
Moustafa F. Ahmed, Safwat W. Z. Mahmoud, and Minoru Yamada




Comparative Phase-Shifting Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry Using Single Reference Beam Technique
Nasser A. Moustafa and Nabil Hendawi




Interferometric Method to Determine the Birefringence for an Anisotropic Material
M.Medhat, N. I. Hendawy,  and A. A. Zaki




Cure Characteristics and Physicomechanical Properties of Calcium Carbonate Reinforcement Rubber Composites
Maged S. Sobhy , D. E. El-Nashar, and Nabila A. Maziad




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