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Vol. 27  No.1   2004


New Thermoelectric Materials and New Applications
P.X. Zhang, G. Y. Zhang, C.T. Lin, and H.U. Habermeier 



The Effect of Anharmonic Potential on the Planar Channeling Radiation of Positrons in the Disordered fcc Single Crystals
M. K. Abu-Assy , B. M .Kamal , and A .A .Mohamed




Microwave Measurements of the Complex Permittivity of  Zirconia at High Temperatures
Thoria A. Baeraky




Optimum Focal Length Range For Thin-Lenses Optical Arrays Having Spatial Integration Feature
Hala Kamal, Daniel V´azquez and Javier Alda




The Break Down of Semiclassical Density Matrix of a Particle Moving in Barrier Potential at Temperature T
Najwa A. Enaiah




Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy of SO2 Molecule of 30548.0 cm-1 and 31770.0 cm-1 Bands
I. M. Hamada, R. Ghazy, H. EL-Kashef, W. Demtröder and G. E. Hassan




Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy of Na2 in a Cold Molecular Beams
R. Ghazy, I. M. Hamada, W. Demtröder, H. El-Kashef and G. E. Hassan



Thermal Behaviour of Some Yttrium (III)- Violurate Complexes and Crystal Structure of [Y(C4H2N3O4)2 .4H 2 O]Cl Complex
Aleya Abd El-Monem M. Gad




Physical, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Ga Substituted Mn-Ferrites
A. A. Sattar




Preparation and Characterization of CdSe Single Crystal
A. Abd - El Mongy 



Transient Creep and Creep Recovery Behaviour of Cu-2wt%Sn Alloy Near the Transformation Temperature
G. S. Al-Ganainy and M. M. Mostafa




Gamma Dose-Dependence of Calcium Phosphate Growth on DFDBA Subsequent to SBF Immersion
Gehan T.El-Bassyouni, Wafa I. Abdel-Fattah and Mohamed I. El-Gohary




Nis-Nim Intercomparison of Tungsten Strip Lamps
K. Ali, Y.Zundong , B.Xing and J.Wu



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