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Vol. 27 No.2  2004


The Phenomena of Amplification in 2D Photonic Macroporous Silicon
Lyudmyla A. Karachevtseva





Design Alternatives For a Thin Lens Spatial Integrator Array
Hala Kamal, Daniel V´azquez and Javier Alda and E. Bernabeu



Numerical Simulations of Coarsening of Lamellar Structures: Applications to metallic alloys
Rifa J. El-Khozondar, Hala J. El-Khozondar




Production of Highly Charged Ions in Neon Following Photoionization and Resonant Excitation
Yehia A. Lotfy




Structural Characterization of Substituted Calcium Titanate Compounds   Ca1-XLaXTi1-xFexO3
A.M. Moustafa, I.S. Ahmed Farag and L.M. Salah




Characterization of Nanostructural ZnSe Prepared by Inert Gas Condensation Method
I. K. El-Zawawi and A. M. El-Shabiny




Study of the Structural Characteristics of α-Alumina Doped with Different Cations
I.S. Ahmed Farag, M.F. Kotkata M.M. Selim, I.K. Battisha and M.M. El- Rafaay




Iron-containing Adsorbents in Great Nile Sediments
T. M. Meaz, M. A. Amer, and C. Bender Koch



Determination of Thermo Physical Parameters of C60 Using Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
S. Abdallah




Influence of Electron Beam Irradiation and Step-Crosslinking Process on Solvent Penetration and Thermal Properties of Natural Rubber Vulcanizates
M. Madani1 and M. M. Badawy 





The Dependence of the Dielectric Properties of Particulate Blend on the Step Crosslinking Process
M.M. Badawy




Dielectric Relaxation in AL- Substituted Ni – Cd Spinel Ferrites
D. El Kony



The Conduction Mechanism and Dielectric Behavior of Sodium Borate Glasses Containing Fe and Bi ions
M. I. Mohammed, Kh. Abd -Allah and M. Y. Hassaan




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