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Vol. 30  No.2   2007



Detection of Crosslink Density by Different Methods for Natural Rubber Blended with SBR and NBR

S. H. El-Sabbagh and A. A. Yehia,


Stress-Strain and Creep Characteristics of HAF Black- Loaded NBR/EPDM Rubber Blends

M. H. Abd-El Salam



Enhancement of DC electrical Conductivity and Creep Relaxation for PVA Samples Doped with SrCl2

A. B. Elaydy and F. A. Akraiam



Preparation, Electrical Conduction, Hall Effect and Photoconductivity of Thallium Monosulfide Single Crystal

H.A. Elshaikh, I.M. Ashraf, A.M. Badr



Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Electrical Resistivity
of Sn-12wt%Sb Lead Free Solder Alloy

A. M. Yassin




Study of Thermal Effects Induced by Laser Radiation Incident in an Amplifier: (I) Linear Case

A. F. Hasssan, M. M. El-Nicklawy, S. L. Diab, S. El-Din Salman
and A. M Abd-Rabou



Influence of Gain Suppression on Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Laser Diodes under Digital Modulation

Safwat W. Z. Mahmoud





Comparative Measurement in Speckle Interferometry using Fourier Transform

Nasser A. Moustafa


Optical Bistability in a Two-State Dissipative Medium Inside a Fabry-Perot Cavity

M. M. EL-Nicklawy, A. F. Hassan, A. T. Matar and H. A. Hafez.



Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel and Zinc Sulfide Ethylenediamine Complexes

S. Abd El Mongy, R. Seoudi2 and A. A. Shabaka



Effect of Mg contents on Trapping Efficiency in Al-Mg Alloy Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

N. A. Kamel



Effect of Structural Transformation on the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Quenched (Pb - 1.5 wt % Sb) Alloy

E. M. Sakr, M. R. Nagy and A. S.Mahmoud






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