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Vol. 23  No.2   2000


Numerical Methods for the Calculation of the Cole-Cole Parameters
Samiha T. Bishay



Diffusion, Excitons and Adsorptivity of H and He atoms on KBr (001) M-center Surface: DFT calculations
Kh. M. Eid




A Small Signal Capacitance Model for A Metallic Electrochemical Electrode in the Charge Transfer Region
A.R.M. Alamoud




Specific heat, Energy Fluctuation and Entropy of Isotropic Harmonic and Anharmonic Oscillators
Samy H. Aly




AC Magnetic Susceptibility Technique for the Characterization of High Temperature Superconductors
M. I. Youssif, A. A. Bahgat and I. A. Ali




Crystal and Molecular Structure of 3-Hydrazino-1-Hydrazinothio- Carbonyl Pyrazoline (TNT3)
A. I. El-Shora




Nonisothermal Phase Transformation of the Glassy Composition TeSe20
M.B. El-Den



Influence of Heat on Impurity States in an Artificial Semiconductor Atom
A. M. Elabsy



AC-Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of γ-Irradiated PVA Films Doped With Mn2+ Ions
R.I. Mohamed and A.M.Gadou




Analysis of Broadband Piezoelectric Transducers by Discrete Time Model




Effect of Composition and Annealing on Some of the Optical Parameters of GexTe100-x Thin Films
Mahmoud Dongol




Study of the Electrical Properties and Swelling Mechanism in Compressed Butyl Rubber Loaded with Carbon Black
S.A. Abdel-Ghani, T.M.Madkour, H.M. Osman, and A.R. Mohamed




Synthesis, Physicochemical Studies and Molecular Modeling of Some Zwitterionic Buffer Complexes
F. S. Deghaidy




Effect of Thermal Annealing on Zinc Diffused- CdTe Thin Film
N. A. Bakr



Grain Size Dependence of Steady State Creep Rate in Sn-1 wt% Zn Alloy
G.S. Al-Ganainy and M.T. Mostafa



Resoftening and Resistivity Variations in Thermally Deformed Cu-Sn and   Cu-Sn-Zn Alloys
F. Abd El-Salam, A. Fawzy, M. T. Mostafa and R. H. Nada




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