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Vol. 26  No.1   2003


Ferromagnetic / Superconducting all Oxide Superlattices and Hetero-structures
H.-U Habermeier and G. Cristianivis



Structure and Properties of BaO-B2O3-Al2O3-NaCl Glass System
H. A. Silim



Electrical Resistivity of Some Basalt and Granite Samples from Egypt
M. S. Mostafa, N. Afify A. Gaber and E. F. Abozid



Effect of Evaporation on the Growth Kinetics in a Model for Two Species
Hassan F. El-Nashar



Physical Studies of Foamed Reinforced Rubber Composites Part II-The Electrical Properties of Foamed EPDM and NBR Rubber
A.M.Y El-Lawindy, W.E.Mahmoud, and H.H.Hassan




Dark and Photovoltaic properties of p-CoPc/n-GaAs Heterojunction cells
S. Darwish



The Dependence of Silicon Reactivity on the Constituents of the Etchant Electrolyte and the Effect of Some Postetch Treatments on the Photoluminescence Properties of Porous Silicon
M.Y. El Zayat





Effect of γ-irradiation on the dielectric loss and AC Conductivity of polyvinyl Alcohol Doped with CrCl3
M.A. Khaled, A. Elwy, A.M. Hussein and K. Abdullah




Effect of Oblique Illumination on Photoconductivity Phenomena
G.A. Gamal, A. T. Nagat, M. M. Nassary and M. A. Abou Alwafa 



Effect of frequency modulation amplitude on Iodine stabilized He-Ne Laser, at λ ≈ 633nm

M. Amer and F. Abdel Aziz                                                                                             




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