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Vol. 28 No.1 2005


Micro- and Nano-Antennas for Light Detection
Javier Alda, José M. Rico-García, José M. López-Alonso, and Glenn Boreman



FTIR Spectroscopy and Structure of the Binary Glass Cu2O – MoO3 System
H. A. Silim




The Effect of Partial Substitution of Sulfur on the Structural Properties of Amorphous Selenium
Ali Abou Shama




Nanocrystalline Anatase Titania Thin Films Synthesized by Spray Pyrolysis for Gas Detection
M.Z. Obida, H.H. Afify, M.O. Abou-Helal, and H.A.H. Zaid




Study of Dielectric Relaxation in Zn, Cd, and Hg Ethanolamine Complexes
Adly H. Elsayed and A.M.Haffz




Thermal Stability and Dielectric Relaxation of NR/Soda Lignin and NR/thiolignin Composites
S. H. Botros, M. A. M. Eid, and Z. A. Nageeb




Second Order Magnetic Phase Transition in RCo9Si4(R = Sm, Gd, and Tb)
M. El-Hagary




Studies of Electrical and Physico- Mechanical Properties of EPDM Structure Foams
A.M.Y. El-Lawindy





Transient Creep Characteristics Near the Transformation Temperatures of Al-5wt % Zn and Al-15wt % Zn Alloys
M. M. Mostafa and G. S. Al-Ganainy




Synthesis of Multilayer and Waveguide Filters for use in Optical Communication  Systems
Safwat W. Z. Mahmoud, Moustafa F. Ahmed, and M. A. Kaid  




Fe3+ as the Main form of Iron Ions in Iron-Lead-Phosphate Glasses
Sh. N. Radwan




Spectroscopic Determination of Some Trace Elements as Pollutants in Fish
A.B. El Bialy, S.S. Hamed, W.M.Moussa, and R.K. Abd El-Hameed





Estimation of Global Solar Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces Over Egypt
A. A. El-Sebaii and A. A. Trabea



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