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Vol. 24  No.2   2001


Ultrasonic Measurements and Metallurgical Properties of Ductile Cast Iron
M.A.Kenawy, A.M. Abdel –Fatah, N.Okasha and M.EL-Gazary




Mechanical Properties of UV-Irradiated Low-Density Polyethylene Films Formulated With Carbon Black and Titanium Dioxide
M. A. Salem




Mechanical and Structural Properties of Ductile Cast Iron
M.A.Kenawy, A.M.Abdel-Fattah, N.Okasha and M.EL-Gazery



Effect of Ternary Addition on Characteristics of Pb-Sn Base Alloys
M.M. El-Sayed, F. Abd El-Salam, R.H. Nada, and M. Kamal



Study of Hardness and Crystallization Kinetics Due to Addition of Metals in SSe20 Chalcogenide Glasses
M.B. El-Den




Elastic Properties of γ-radiated Borate Glasses Using Pulse Echo Technique
N.S. Abd El-Aal




Thermal and Electrical Properties of Irradiated Styrene Butadiene Rubber-Metal Composites
S.E. Gwaily, G.M.Nasr and M.M. Badawy




The Meyer- Neldel Rule in Se70Te30-x Inx
A. Abd-El Mongy



Study of Cation Distribution in Cu0.7(Zn0.3-xMgx)Fe1.7Al0.3O4 by X-ray Diffraction Using Rietveld Method

I.S. Ahmed Farag, M.A. Ahmed, S.M. Hammad, A.M. Moustafa




Effect of Etching Sequence and Aging on Photoluminescence of Porous Silicon
G.M. Youssef 




Space-Charge–Limited Currents in Evaporated GaS Thin Films
A. A. Attia



Carrier Transport Mechanisms of a-GaAs/ n-Si Heterojunctions
N.I.Aly, A.A.Akl, A.A.Ibrahim, and A.S.Riad



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